Sailing Camps for Grown-ups

Weekend Sailing Camps for Grown-ups.

Weekend Dates: Saturdays & Sundays in May and June.

Weekday Dates: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday by appointment.

Times: 9:30 – 4:00 each day with an hour for lunch (they have a restaurant at O’Hara’s Marina where we dock the boat). Please do not call the marina about lessons. Call us: 888-217-7233.

What to bring: Sunblock, Appropriate Sailing Garb and Smiles!

What we’ll learn: The basics of knot tying, Sailboat Lingo, Parts of the boat, Sailing theory, Steering, Handling sails, Principles of sailing, Man overboard drills.

What you’ll know when finished if you pay attention: How to sail!

Cost: $250 per person (minimum of 3 per lesson) Training for 2 days (approx. 10 hrs of water time). Private lessons $350.










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