April 28….. We are in the water and sailing. Schedule your charter now!

Our 21′ cabin sailboat is available for weekday, evening and weekend charters with Captain Nina Anderson who has been sailing for over 50 years.

Charter fee: $ 85 for 1.5 hour sail for 2 (42.50 ea) /$ 115 for 4 ($29ea)

$ 99  for 2 hour sail for 2 people  / $ 130  for 2 hour sail for 4

 Call to book a time: 888-217-7233 or purchase online at:  http://foreveryoungcooperative.com/nasach.html

Sailing Lessons  for Grown-ups by appointment: Full course: $250. Two days of lessons May 10- July 1.  Minimum 3 students per on-the-water lesson. Private lessons also available for $350. Children from 10-16 are invited to learn to sail as long as a parent or guardian is taking a lesson at the same time.

Advanced reservations required.

EMAIL to this link please: safe@bcn.net

Check out the Interlaken Inn, Lakeville CT Sailing Deal                                              http://www.interlakeninn.com/store/p14/Sail_Away….html
*We have no cell service at the lake so please book the night before. Don’t call the marina for charters. Only call them if you get lost!
THE THREE BARS: See schedule updates by clicking on the 3 small bars in the upper right and view posts. Also see links to our overnight accommodation partners.

Gift Certificates available: Call us. We will email them to you.

Cash or credit card payments accepted.  

BerkShares_accepted200pxWe take Berkshares!

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